“Our book club just joined Daisy Brains. We love the Mental Fitness Gym!”

Commonwealth Book Club, Virginia

The Daisy Brains Advantage

Research shows that brain games are an important piece of building an overall brain healthy lifestyle. Daisy Brains members report they feel sharper after training. Training games challenge performance in memory, concentration, verbal fluency and logical thinking. With Daisy Brains, a world of productive fun awaits.

The Daisy Brains Workout Routine

An Inspirational Daily Brain Warm-Up

Wake up your mind with fascinating facts, curious pictures and brain health tips. Fuel your imagination with new vocabulary, new art and stimulating brain teasers.

Brain games • Logic Puzzles • Drawing Challenges

Sharpen your mind with our ever-changing brain fitness workout. World-class brain games will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day. New Logic Puzzles and Drawing Challenges every single day will keep you coming back for more.

A Trip to the Sketch Gallery

Unlike anything you’ve seen before, The Sketch Gallery features your best creations, and unlocks the floodgates to a sea of beautiful artwork. Daisy Brains members from around the globe share their Drawing Challenges and artful designs.

Admire Your Garden

Celebrate your success and track your performance in My Garden. Earn special patches and new garden accents as you exercise with Daisy Brains. Challenge your brain as you grow a beautiful garden to admire.

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