Brain Foods You Should Nibble

In need of some new brain foods?  Here are three goods that will get you on the right start …

Grass Fed Beef  – According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women with good iron levels performed better and faster on mental exercises than those with low iron status. Iron helps carry oxygen to our brains. Treat yourself to healthy grass-fed beef which is higher in Omega-3’s.

Sage –  So goes the song, “Parsley, _______, Rosemary and Thyme” but when is the last time you enjoyed sage in your meal. Sage keeps our neurotransmitters strong which is important for maintaining memory function. Try adding fresh sage to your tomato sauce, roasted pork or homemade soups.

Flaxseeds – You can pick them up in almost any grocery store today. Flaxseed is the number one source of alpha-linolenic acid, a healthy fat needed for good brain function. Just buy a pack of ground flaxseed and sprinkle it in your smoothie or baked good. It has a very mild nutty flavor. Store in the freezer.

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