Performance Hydration

Most of us are aware that staying hydrated is important for our physical health.  But the impact of not drinking enough water on brain function is frequently overlooked.  Dehydration can impact short-term memory, concentration and visual motor skills.  This can impact things like the ability to focus on your computer screen and remain focused during a lengthy meeting. Try these tips to keep your brain in tip-top shape throughout the day:

Check Your Hydration Meter – The research on hydration can be contradictory. Our hydration needs can vary significantly depending on our stress levels, how active we are, and even the weather.  And even drinking 8 glasses of water a day may not address your individual needs. One simple way is to use your urine as a barometer of your current hydration. If your urine is darker than a cup of fresh lemonade, you need to hydrate.

Eat Your Water – Fruit is 90% water.  Oranges and grapes can be as high as 98% water content.

Add a Slice  – Tired of drinking plain old water?  Add a chunk of watermelon, a sprig of bail or even some fresh ginger root. Studies have shown that children drink 45% more water when it’s flavored.

Heat Things Up – Try sipping on plain hot water with just a slice orange. Hot water removes toxins and has a hormone balancing effect.

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