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Multi-tasking May be Bad for Your Brain

Are your reading this while flipping the remote control, checking your Facebook page on your phone and talking to your spouse?  Well, if so, now is definitely not the time to celebrate. Although people often boast about their ability to … Continue reading

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5 Risk Factors for Developing Alzheimer’s Disease

“Am I at risk for getting Alzheimer’s?”  This question is on the mind of many baby boomers and children of parents affected by Alzheimer’s disease.  Here are the major and contributing risk factors associated with developing Alzheimer’s: Top 5 Risk … Continue reading

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Brain Benefits of Eating Berries

It’s such a treat when something delicious is also exceptionally nutritious. Sweet, plump, and juicy, berries are often classified as “super foods” because of their health-giving properties.  Research shows that nibbling berries promotes brain health in a variety of ways. … Continue reading

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