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Performance Hydration

Most of us are aware that staying hydrated is important for our physical health.  But the impact of not drinking enough water on brain function is frequently overlooked.  Dehydration can impact short-term memory, concentration and visual motor skills.  This can … Continue reading

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Unlock Your Powers of Concentration

Your brain is responsible for regulating the body and the power of concentration. It needs quality nutrition in order to keep the brain functioning properly. Caffeine:  Drinking coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverages is enough to make the brain more … Continue reading

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New Evidence in Brain-Based Research – Brain Plasticity

A primary finding to develop from the latest neuro-scientific research is that the human brain is dynamic.  Brain plasticity refers to our brain’s ability to develop and create new neural pathways throughout life. In fact, genetics does less than you might think; … Continue reading

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