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Music to Improve Mood

The healing benefits of music are well-studied. It has the unique ability to access our emotions and can be a very effective stress management tool. Listening to quiet classical music can actually slow your pulse and heart rate, lowering blood … Continue reading

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Six Steps to Boosting Your Memory

Do you ever feel like you cannot remember names?  Or do your keys go missing frequently?  Follow these six steps to boost your memory: Challenge your mind.  Activities that stimulate your mind help to keep your brain in shape — … Continue reading

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Four Things You Did Not Know About Sugar

Added sugar may be the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. Sugar can have harmful effects on your metabolism, mood and contribute to all sorts of diseases. Here are four alarming reasons why you should avoid processed sugar like … Continue reading

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3 Brain Benefits to Playing Games

When it comes to unlocking the benefits of playing computer games, there are two key qualifiers – less is more and change is good for your brain. Games are part of building a brain-healthy lifestyle, but as with bringing on … Continue reading

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12 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Creating a successful sleep strategy is important to achieve deep, quality sleep every night.  By learning some common barriers to good sleep, you can create your perfect plan for a wonderful night’s rest.  Follow these tips and you’re on your … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease and Women – Does Gender Matter?

Many theories exist as to the cause of Alzheimer’s disease, but one thing scientists know for certain: Women are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia at almost twice the rate of men.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association … Continue reading

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Multi-tasking May be Bad for Your Brain

Are your reading this while flipping the remote control, checking your Facebook page on your phone and talking to your spouse?  Well, if so, now is definitely not the time to celebrate. Although people often boast about their ability to … Continue reading

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Picture This – Do you have a photographic memory?

Eidetic imagery, more commonly called photographic memory, has long been the subject of curiosity and debate among scientists. People with photographic memories explain that they can still “see” a picture even after it is removed from sight. They often use … Continue reading

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5 Risk Factors for Developing Alzheimer’s Disease

“Am I at risk for getting Alzheimer’s?”  This question is on the mind of many baby boomers and children of parents affected by Alzheimer’s disease.  Here are the major and contributing risk factors associated with developing Alzheimer’s: Top 5 Risk … Continue reading

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