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Four Things You Did Not Know About Sugar

Added sugar may be the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. Sugar can have harmful effects on your metabolism, mood and contribute to all sorts of diseases. Here are four alarming reasons why you should avoid processed sugar like … Continue reading

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3 Brain Foods You Aren’t Eating But Should Be

For you carnivores, the first on our brain food list is… Brain Food #1 –  Grass Fed Beef  According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women with good iron levels performed better and faster on mental exercises than those … Continue reading

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Unlock Your Powers of Concentration

Your brain is responsible for regulating the body and the power of concentration. It needs quality nutrition in order to keep the brain functioning properly. Caffeine:  Drinking coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverages is enough to make the brain more … Continue reading

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Brain Benefits of Eating Berries

It’s such a treat when something delicious is also exceptionally nutritious. Sweet, plump, and juicy, berries are often classified as “super foods” because of their health-giving properties.  Research shows that nibbling berries promotes brain health in a variety of ways. … Continue reading

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