Special Features Optimize Brain Function

Brain Games

Brain Games are designed to enhance working memory, word finding skills, cognitive speed, flexible thinking and more! As you improve your performance new games will be unlocked and added for you to play. Brain Games truly are productive fun.

Brain Teasers

Better than a cup of coffee, our Brain Teasers and lateral thinking exercises stretch the mind and focus on "outside the box" thinking. Brain Teasers can supercharge your day!

Creativity Challenges

Think you aren't creative? Think again. Our Creativity Challenges will have you picking up a brush and stretching your imagination as you solve problems with pictures. You will be truly amazed at the imaginative display in the Sketch Gallery.

My Garden

Reap what you sow with Daisy Brains. In My Garden, you'll earn patches, new plants and unique garden ornaments as your training performance improves. Track your progress and celebrate your success.

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